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This 8-day-old sweetheart may just have the squishiest cheeks of any newborn I have ever photographed! Isn’t she precious?

It is no secret that I looooooove rustic and vintage items, so I was very excited that this gorgeous girl’s mom shared my obsession with quilts!

I was also quite excited that her mom asked if we could incorporate fresh flowers into her newborn session.  As this beauty was born in the beginning of spring, we both thought that tulips were the perfect floral accent.

Enjoy your sneak peek of your gorgeous little girl, S family!  And thank you for the privilege of capturing her first days!


I met this sweet family a little over two years ago when I photographed big sister as a newborn, so I was SO excited to meet and capture some images of their newest addition.  Doesn’t big sister look so proud and happy about her new role?  
Sibling love is the best!

The following image is one that I took of big sister as a newborn.

Little brother is such a sweetheart!

Don’t you just want to reach through your computer and smush those adorable cheeks?!  🙂
It was so wonderful to meet this adorable little guy, and to see his sweet family again – I couldn’t be happier for them!  It is such an honor to have my clients return to me to capture their growing families, and I am very grateful!

This gorgeous 11-day-old little boy completely stole my heart.  He made the sweetest little sounds while he was sleeping, and must have been having some wonderful dreams, as he flashed me lots of little smiles during our session.  Toward the end of our time together, however, he decided to open his eyes and say hello, and his resulting expressions are priceless (as you can see in the images below).  As I said to his mother, I can’t help but wonder how she doesn’t spend her entire day just staring at him – he is just so adorable!
I couldn’t be happier for the H family, and I am grateful that they chose me to capture their memories of their little boy’s first weeks.

This little girl is such a sweetheart, and really is just perfect in every way.  Seriously, have you ever seen such amazingly squishable cheeks?!  AND  she was just the best little sleeper during our session together (she may just be the sleepiest baby I have ever photographed)!
She also has some pretty terrific parents, who couldn’t possibly love her more, and I am so  grateful to have had the privilege of capturing this fleeting period of babyhood for them.
My heart is so genuinely happy for this new family of three! 

Not only is Baby L is adorable as can be (check out his *gigantic* sleepy laugh below), but he is lucky enough to have one of the sweetest and proudest (and most cooperative, too!) big sisters I have ever met.  I always adore sibling photos, but the two of these cuties together just melt my heart!

I love capturing the unique personalities and details of each little one I photograph so, naturally, I couldn’t resist a few shots of Baby L’s adorable little hair swirl!  And, as his mom told me that he loves to have his hands by his face, you will notice that quite a few images from his session capture him in such a position.

It was a pleasure getting to know and photographing sweet Baby L and his family, and I wish them much happiness as a new family of  four!